Lead iOS Developer

Job description

Location: Budapest, Expo square

Type of position: full-time (employee or contract)

Experience: 5+ years in iOS development


  • can provide full technical direction for an iOS team of 4 developers
  • know the pros and cons of iOS design patterns
  • have a strong background in concurrency management
  • have significant knowledge of industry trends
  • mentored and evaluated other developers
  • able to receive and give feedback
  • can recognize a technical debt and know how to pay it back
  • are successful if your team is successful



  • add new features to multiple apps
  • you will get all resources, but need to write high-quality code, on-time
  • keep your code clean
  • give and receive feedback
  • do peer code reviews
  • find the balance between refactor and #shipit
  • develop in agile, and show what you did on prod on the review


  • 5+ years coding experience in iOS
  • strong people management skills
  • ability to analyze inputs to help prioritize work
  • ability to communicate on different levels of the organization
  • SCRUM or Kanban
  • experience with test driven development and clean code principles
  • strong communication skills in English
  • experience with both Swift, Objective-C
  • experience with Apple frameworks such as Core Data, Cora Animation, CoreAudio, AutoLayout
  • experience with UIKit, CoreAnimation, Instruments
  • familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications


  • knowledge of streaming technologies
  • experience with WebView, Reactive programming, CoreML, messaging solutions and Material Design
  • knowledge of the Attlasian stack; Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo
  • build projects using Fastlane


  • Competitive salary from a stable business
  • Continuous goal setting to improve and grow your career
  • Fully automated CI/CD
  • High profile engineering team
  • Conferences, meetups
  • Customizable cafeteria, Medicover, sport card
  • Complimentary breakfast, coffee, guarded parking, sport courts at the office
  • Family Day, Christmas Party, BBQ, Hackathons

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